Measuring for Window Curtain Rods

Measuring for Window Curtain Rods

Posted by Nate on 16th Mar 2015

A good home decorator will always live by this rule: “measure twice, buy once.” If the entire world followed this one simple rule-the world would be in complete harmony. Imagine: no unsightly hole … read more

Glossary of textile manufacturing

Posted by John S on 1st Apr 2014

A AbsorbencyA measure of how much amount of water a fabric can absorb. AcetateAcetate is a synthetic fiber. AcrylicAcrylic fiber is a synthetic polymer fiber that contains at least 85% acrylonitril … read more

Bathroom Decor Makeovers

30th May 2013

When you're staring at your bathroom and wishing it coudl be something more, it can be hard to settle on a direction.  Looking at other successful designs is a great way to get inspired.  So … read more

Trade Show Week in Las Vegas!

18th Mar 2013

One of our valued team is away this week hunting out new products and partners to add to our catalog.  The ASD Trade Show has been running since 1961 and features many vendors and suppliers comin … read more