Decorative Adjustable Window Curtain Drapery Rod with Spiral Finials Hardware Included

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Give your window an elegant and polished look with this Decorative Adjustable Window Curtain Drapery Rod with Spiral Finials.  This spiral design curtain rod works to subtly decorate your home with a classy design.  Made of durable metal material, the adjustable curtain rod can hold heavier curtains without warping and is available in multiple sizes so that it can fit any size window.  You also have the choice of glossy brown, black, gold or silver color window rods.


Decorative Adjustable Window Curtain Rod with Spiral Finials Sizes: 28” to 48”, 48” to 84” and 70” to 120”
Spiral Design Finial Ends for a Refined and Elegant Decor
Sturdy Metal Material to Prevent Warping
Brackets and Crosshead Screws Included
Glossy Brown, Silver, Black and Gold Window Curtain Rods Available

All rods Diameters are 3/4"

The medium and longest rod sets will come with 3 brackets. Only the smallest size comes with 2 sets of brackets.

30-Day money back guarantee